Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Guns of Liberty - Character Dossier: Rachel Masters

     Daughter of a renowned captain of the Liberty Navy, and a vacillating first-lieutenant, Rachel has always had something to prove to the world. But never in the way her navy family would have expected. As a child she led a street gang of other military children known as the Liberty Angels, and winded up getting shipped off to boarding school. At the age of thirteen Rachel escaped to join a navy airship, and made midshipman by sixteen. However, she often found herself at odds with her officers. As a young adult insubordination and dueling stifled her career advancement, and after the incidents at [Redacted] Rachel was court-martialled, and discharged from the Liberty Navy. Her indefatigable zeal was noted by the Admiral, William Halie, who sheltered the dishonoured Rachel and convinced her to join the church's holy inquisition. Admiral Halie earned Rachel's respect, and gave her new purpose. She still has something to prove to the world, and now with the authority of an inquisitor at her disposal Rachel isn't afraid to trample a few toes to get what she wants...

On July the 2nd join Rachel Masters in Guns of Liberty as she faces her greatest challenge yet... the elusive pirate captain, Genevieve Jones.

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