Thursday, 27 June 2019

Guns of Liberty - Character Dossier: Archbishop Darcius

Archbishop Darcius has been the head of Albany's holy church of Talon for as long as anyone can remember, and has been old for even longer. He calls the grand cathedral of Sanctus his home, and as the patron of faith and culture in Liberty's most distant colony he is a man of widespread power and influence. And with it he seeks to maintain peace and order within his realm, no matter the cost.

On July the 2nd join Archbishop Darcius in Guns of Liberty when his well maintained plans are shaken...

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Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Guns of Liberty - Character Dossier: John Chamberlain

     Commodore Chamberlain comes from a distinguished naval background, having served in the Liberty Navy for half of his years and has seen combat of three fronts against the armies of Barons, pirates, and smugglers. A competent seaman, but overlooked by his superiors due to his stringent nature, he made Post after ten years of service. Due to his Austriman heritage, and the large outspoken support of Albany's denizens, Chamberlain was soon promoted to Commodore of Albany's reserve fleet, and stationed in the city close to his soon-to-be-wed fiance, the Duchess of Albany. Chamberlain is an ambitious and patriotic man, and seeks to rebuild the power and influence of Albany so that it might one day even rival Liberty.

On July the 2nd join Commodore Chamberlain in Guns of Liberty as he hunts the pirate who stole his fiance...

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Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Guns of Liberty - Character Dossier: Lalita Laffel

     The Duchess of Albany governs one of the most distant, and one of the most important colonies in the Liberty Empire. Lalita was schooled from birth to lead, and was given her titles at a young age. She quickly proved a competent politician, and is much adored by the people of Albany, commoners and nobles alike. Between her appointments in Liberty and the politics at home, Lalita has already led an eventful life as a Duchess. After a lengthy engagement to the head of the Albany fleet, Commodore John Chamberlain, the Duchess at long last will sail home for her long awaited wedding.

On July the 2nd join Lalita Laffel in Guns of Liberty as she meets the pirate who will shake the foundations of her world... but can she keep her duchy from falling apart?

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Wednesday, 5 June 2019

Guns of Liberty - Character Dossier: Genevieve Jones

     The daughter of unremarkable Samarkese immigrants, Genevieve was born and raised in Liberty. Little is known about her family life, only that her father served in the Liberty Navy and died in defense of his country. Genevieve too would join the Navy serving aboard [Redacted]. Her career was notable for her achievements, but [Redacted]. Thereafter she passed into the employment of [Redacted] and continued to operate as part of the [Redacted] until [Redacted].


Genevieve is currently employed by the pirate organization, the Liberty Renegades, and is the master of the 12 gun gunship, Heart of Gold. Sightings of the gunship have been sporadic throughout the previous year, and her intentions remain unknown...

On July the 2nd join Genevieve Jones in Guns of Liberty as she makes her grand appearance... and gets more than she bargained for.

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